A.L.E.K.S (BG)

A.L.E.K.S. (BG) (Aleks) is lifelong student of songcraft and music artistry. He’s been incredibly blessed and fortunate to be able to perform his music on all kinds of stages. Everything from small music venues and radio station platforms, all the way to televised shows (The Voice of Bulgaria) and big festivals like ParkLife in the UK. Aleks is a graduate of the BIMM Manchester with a Diploma in Songwriting. As a songwriter, he believes in being present in every single aspect and layer of music creation. For Aleks, songwriting is all about being honest with yourself, and that will always come through in your music. His approach allows him to capture a moment in time and transmit it through his lyrics, melodies and song structures in an organic and genuine way. People across the world experienced many changes due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Aleks tried to combine and transform the challenges that were sent his way to his advantage, and turn his Late Night Thoughts into something truthful and valuable. Two years ago, he began the process of recording his debut EP of all new and original music, which everyone is sure to get hooked, especially if they are a fan of R&B, Soul and Pop. The song “Gone” was the pilot single of EP release. Prior to starting work on the Late Night Thoughts, Aleks was scouted to appear on the TV reality program “The Voice” is his native Bulgaria, where he competed until the final round. During the course of the show Aleks won the hearts of the TV audiences with the EP’s signature track “Shivers”. Most recently Aleks has released the song “Empty Room” in his native Bulgarian to wide media acclaim. In May he participated in the first Bulgarian Showcase Festival SPIKE, which took place in Aleks’ home town Plovdiv. During the hot summer months one can find Aleks on stages all over the country, and in preparation for the release of new material and plans for taking over the international market with his inimitable style and disarming vocal melodies.

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